illustration by Sean McCabe

Welcome to TextBOX, a collection of fine short fictionessays and poetry from the archives of The Missouri Review, one of the nation’s leading literary magazines since 1978. This free anthology is designed to give students, teachers and readers access to pieces that might be difficult to find otherwise.

Each piece in the anthology has been carefully chosen by TMR’s editors. What makes these pieces so great? Some have won The Missouri Review’s Editors’ Prize, others have been reprinted in highly respected prize anthologies and, most importantly, we’ve remembered and pondered them long after the issue in which they appeared had been boxed up to make space for the next one.

Every piece in the anthology is accompanied by a brief critical introduction, interpretive and craft-oriented reading questions and writing prompts, and some have supplementary materials, including author interviews, audio files, and more.

Questions or comments about the site can be directed to tmranthology [at] missouri [dot] edu.