November 18, 2011

2011 Audio Contest Winner: Greg Brownderville

On this week’s podcast, and with a special welcome to our new iTunes subscribers, we feature the winner of our 2011 Audio Competition in the Poetry category, Greg Brownderville’s “Sex and Pentacost.” Greg Alan Brownderville, a native of Pumpkin Bend, Arkansas, is the author of a volume of poems entitled Gust (Northwestern University Press, September 2011). His poems have appeared in the Oxford American, Prairie Schooner, Measure, and several other journals and magazines. He has been the recipient of a Tennessee Williams Scholarship from the Sewanee Writers’ Conference, the Jane Geske Award from Prairie Schooner, and the Porter Prize. Brownderville completed an MFA at the University of Mississippi in 2008, and currently teaches creative writing at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. Of his winning entry, Greg notes that “rhythmically, the poem owes a huge debt to dzaimbwa poetry in the Shona language of Zimbabwe.”

2 Responses to 2011 Audio Contest Winner: Greg Brownderville

  1. Derek says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Brownderville’s poem. It makes great use sound and assonance. However, I don’t see how it uses “audio media to further the literary strength of (the) piece,” while in your guidelines this is listed as the most important criteria.

  2. Claire says:

    Glad you liked the poem, Derek! The criterion you mention is an important one that our judges consider when judging an entry, but we like to leave the interpretation of “use of audio media to further the literary strength” to their discretion. In this case, our judges thought a clean, well-produced recording without any gimmicks was the best vehicle for showcasing the musicality of the poem’s language.