May 8, 2017

Unbound Book Festival Author Interview – Peter Geye


Today on The Missouri Review Soundbooth Podcast, and as part of our series of interviews with authors at the Unbound Book Festival, we sit down with 2017 Minnesota Book Award winner Peter Geye. The interview was conducted on April 21st, just before he spoke about the importance of place in literature at Unbound.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Peter Geye is the author of three award-winning novelsSafe from the SeaThe Lighthouse Road, and most recently, Winteringall of which are set in his real life favorite place, the North Shore of Lake Superior. In our talk, Geye discusses what about the area makes it such a strong setting and why that setting continually calls to him. He also discusses his writing process when creating a place, the importance of characters in creating that feeling for a reader, an authorly epiphany, and his future works.

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Interview conducted by Evan Pagano.

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