June 29, 2005

Piafsky's Top Ten Things You Can Buy With $3,000

The Missouri Review is delighted to announce that we have raised our Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize contest awards to $3000 per genre. In honor of this occasion, one of our contest editors, Michael Piafsky, has humbly submitted a list of things you can buy for $3000:
432 Rubber Chickens
2000 Spam® It’s American decorative bracelets
0.864 seconds of a War in Iraq
2 Round Trip Tickets from Nome, Alaska, to Little Rock, Arkansas
4011 Wind-up Chomping Teeth
200 One-year Subscriptions to The Missouri Review
0.00000000038% of the United States National debt
2069 Large containers of Cool Whip® brand Whipped Topping at Wal-Mart
260 Copies of Dancing With Cats by Burton Silver
334 Adult Tickets to Herbie: Fully Loaded

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