April 22, 2010

"The Lost Arts of Writing, Reading, and Drinking"

Tip o’ the cap to TMR favorite (and fellow Buckeye) Kyle Minor for posting about this interesting site from acclaimed writers Bill Roorbach and Dave Gessner.  I would tell you what it is, but I’m not entirely sure how to classify it. There are essays, cartoons, podcasts, links, and all kinds of thought-provoking goodness.   It’s fascinating and fun, and really, if Kyle Minor digs it, then you’ll dig it, too.

About Michael

Michael Nye is the managing editor of The Missouri Review. His writing has appeared in Boulevard, Epoch, Cincinnati Review, Crab Orchard Review, and Kenyon Review, among others. His first story collection, STRATEGIES AGAINST EXTINCTION, is available on Queen's Ferry Press. Visit him online at mpnye.com

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