Uncategorized | August 03, 2004

The Missouri Review is pleased to announce winners and finalists in its fourteenth annual Missouri Review Editors’ Prize Contest and the eighth annual Larry Levis Prize in Poetry. Suzanne Feldman of Frederick, MD, won the Editors’ Prize in fiction for her short story “Secret Histories.” Finalists in fiction were Jennifer S. Davis of New Orleans, LA; Laura Krughoff of Ann Arbor, MI; and Ann Harleman of Providence, RI.

Davis McCombs of Fayetteville, AR, won the Larry Levis Editors’ Prize in Poetry for a group of poems. Finalists in poetry were Elizabeth Powell of Burlington, VT; Jeffrey Harrison of Dover, MA; and David Hernandez of Long Beach, CA.

Jeff Hammond of Takoma Park, Maryland, won the Editors’ Prize in Nonfiction for “Bad Scouts and Nervous Indians.” Finalists in nonfiction were Patricia Vigderman of Gambier, Ohio; Lisa Knopp of Lincoln, Nebraska; and Michele Morano of Chicago, Illinois.

Winning entries in both contests will be published and finalists announced in the spring 2005 issue of the Missouri Review.