From Our Soundbooth | November 21, 2013

Here at the TMR Podcast we’re thankful for a lot of things, not the least of which is the chance to share Kenny Malone’s “The Storm,” produced by Kenny Malone and the WLRN-Miami Herald news team, which was the winner of our 2013 Audio Contest in the audio documentary category.

Kenny Malone -- WLRN Miami Herald News reporterKenny Malone hails from Meadville, PA where the zipper was invented, where Clark Gable’s mother is buried, and where, in 2007, a wrecking ball broke free from a construction site, rolled down North Main Street, and somehow wound up inside the trunk of a Ford Taurus sitting at a red light. Malone graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH as a mathematics major and economics minor. He took an un-ironic oath to use mathematics for good, not evil. Per that oath, Malone has taken on a wide array of non-evil numbers-based reporting endeavors–everything from helping to prove the existence of a home-field heat advantage for the Miami Dolphins, to explaining South Florida’s economy in terms of automobiles on I-95, to exposing the extraordinary toll the densest cluster of assisted living facilities in the state had on both local authorities and the residents of those facilities in Lauderhill, FL. Malone’s work has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, Morning Edition and Weekend Edition, as well as APM’s Marketplace and The Story. Malone was given the Florida AP Broadcasters Award for Individual Achievement in 2012. His work has won national and regional awards for religion, education, financial, crime, and investigative reporting, as well as two Best in Show Green Eyeshade Awards, several regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, a National Headliner Award, and the Scripps Howard Award for In-Depth Radio Reporting. Malone lives in Miami Beach with his scruffy dog, Sir Xavier Charpentier III.