The Missouri Review is a nationwide leader in literary internships. We believe not just in “using interns” but in training literary editors in an intense, systematic, hands-on program. This program of training qualified professionals in the field of literary magazine publishing makes us unique. From their first day, interns were an integral part of the general operations of magazine. The editors encourage individual initiative and teamwork, while offering interns the resource off their 35 years of publishing experience. Our interns learn practical editing skills and generate publishing credit by writing reviews or conducting author interviews.  They also learn the basics, such as manuscript acquisition, magazine distribution and other business practices in order to pursue a career in publishing. One demonstration of the effectiveness of our internship program is that many of our interns enter into commercial publishing fields, editing other magazines (these include American Literary Review, Crazyhorse, Jabberwock Review, and Ninth Letter, among others) or working at presses. Many others are employed as teachers and professors. Previous and current interns have published more than eight books and contributed to most of the top American literary magazines.

Fall 2019 Interns

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