From Our Soundbooth | August 20, 2018

On this week’s TMR’s Soundboooth Podcast, we bring to you a conversation between TMR Intern Sloane Scott and writer J.M. Holmes, whose story, “The Legend of Lonnie Lion” appears in the current issue of The Missouri ReviewListen to their interview below to hear them chat about the Pacific Northwest, James Baldwin and Dipset.


J.M. Holmes was born in Denver and raised in Rhode Island. He won the Burnett Howe prize for fiction at Amherst College and received fellowships at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and Napa Valley Writers’ Conference. He’s worked in educational outreach in Iowa, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Holmes’s short story “What Wrong with You? What’s Wrong with Me?” was published in the Paris Review.

Interview conducted by TMR Summer Intern Sloane Scott and edited by TMR Summer Intern Kelly Schoessling.