Interviews | June 01, 1984

The full text of this interview is not currently available online.

I had what Jan Kott calls “a typical East European eduation.” He means, Hitler and Stalin taught us the basics. When I was three years old the Germans bombed Belgrade.  The house across the street was hit and destroyed.  There was plenty more of that, as everybody knows.  When the war ended I came in and said: “Now there won’t be any more fun!” That gives you an idea what a jerk I was.  The truth is, I did enjoy myself.  From the summer of 1944 to mid-1945, I ran around the streets of Belgrade with other half-abandoned kids.  You can just imagine the things we saw and the adventures we had.  You see, my father was already abroad, my mother was working, the Russians were coming, the Germans were leaving.  It was a three-ring circus.

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