Fiction | December 01, 1992

This story is not currently available online.

Hema, my beautiful Hema, is determined tonight.  I know it the minute I crawled into our home.  I don’t mean “crawled” in a figurative sense.  It accurately describes what I did. Our house, you see, is a little on the cozy side; six by six feet to be exact.  A perfect little cube it is, made of tin cans that my Hema’s late hubbie took apart and flattened into sheets.  The result has been quite colorful–white Amul milk powder sheets next to yellow Dalda tin sheets, next to rose-red and aquamarine-blue Asian Paints sheets.  Of course, rust, like a leprosy of tin, has eaten away most of the color, and the Jai Sena have scrawled their fascist slogans in black paint all across our walls.

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