Poetry | December 01, 2009

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  • Dream Poem 4
  • Dream Poem 6
  • Dream Poem 7
  • Dream Poem 10 (featured as Poem of the Week, Feb. 2, 2010)


Dream Poem 10

I chased sleep all night. We two went far & wide,

Through Time & times,


Old ghosts. He wore a cloak that made him look derelict,

Like a tramp.


He also had a cane & feigned a limp, but I

Wasn’t fooled.


I asked him where you were. He said he didn’t know.

But he would


Show me if I just followed him a few more years.

We went so far


I couldn’t catch him, though his limp grew worse, but he

led me on.


In Athens, we were greeted like two old kind kings,

& asked to stay.


Everyone claimed to have seen you only yesterday.



A vast desert,” I said. “There are so many town

To keep track of.”


No one would listen. Sleep grew weary of the talk.

So we went on.


By now I only wished for him to let his guard

Down, so I could


Corner him. But he went on, kept out of reach.

My legs grew long


As bamboo stalks & thin as thoughts of money to

A man like me.


High in the hills of China, near that wall, I caught

Him. We went down


In a tide of dust & stones, a rage of ash & smoke.

It looked like war.


I dragged him by his feet across the continents,

& finally


Across the sea, the polar caps, the mountains, hills,

& dreaming rivers,


To this old town made out of songs, this street, this house,

This empty house.

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