Nonfiction | March 01, 1991

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A rural Lawrence man literally found himself in a mess overnight when he got cuaght in the pit of an outdoor privy at Clinton Lake for nearly eight hours. Douglas County Sheriff Loren Anderson reported that the 26-year-old man entered the restroom shortly before 11 p.m. While he was in the outhouse, more than $200 in cash fell out of his pocket and through the hole in the concrete commode. Anderson said the man took off his shoes and socks and tried to reach the money with his toes, but lost his grip and fell in. Anderson said the man struggled throughout the hot, muggy night to get out of the pit. Dave Rhoades, park manager for the U.S. Corps of Engineers at the lake, said the concrete pit is six to seven feet deep and is designed to hold 1,000 to 2,000 gallons of refuse. Currently, he said, the pit is three-fourths full…

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