Dispatches | August 06, 2008

The fall issue of TMR is about to go to press, and despite some last-minute changes, we’re running on time.  Our broad “theme” is Pick Your Poison: all of the selections deal in some way with damaging habits or traits or behaviors or other bad stuff.  Obsession, sex, bad dogs, risk, impulse, bad professors and old-fashioned greed and vanity are some of the subjects you’ll read about.  Come to think of it, the issue includes at least four of the deadly sins.  The only one I’m sure we don’t have is sloth: there’s tons of energy in this surprising mix.


In our interview, pop-culture critic Chuck Klosterman (Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs) talks about how the Internet has wrecked interviewing. And consistent with our reputation as discoverers of new writers, there’s an engaging first published fiction by Maury Feinsilber.


Did you know it was possible for an English grad student to make $60K without working? Todd James Pierce writes about his very lucrative former career hunting bonus money from online gambling casinos. And Jillian Weise offers playful poems that take some chances with language–and one poem written in a motel room at the height of a scary incident that threatened her life.  There’s a back-to-school review essay on academic satires by Charles Green.  We even have celebrities: Charles Darwin makes an appearance in William Lychack’s short-short, and Carl Adamshick’s long historical poem features the voice of Amelia Earhart. 


We’ve always been about quality and variety, and this issue proves it once again.  Look for it next month.