Past Winners

2021 Contest Finalists*

DOCUMENTARY (listed alphabetically)
Another Inch,” Elizabeth Caldwell
Behind the Curtain – The War for the West,” Jacqueline Guzda
A Musician Who Can’t Tolerate Sound,” Janet Horvath
The Common Memory Project,” Carolina Hotchandani
The History of Policing Black People in America – with David A. Love from Black Guy White Guy Talking,” Elwyn Laud-Hammond & Zachary Watterson
Goth Grows Up,” Trent Kay Maverick
“birdcast,” Genevieve Simmons
“Silent No More,” Sharon Sobotta
Pieces of Grief: Loss in a Pandemic,” Wendy Spitzer AKA Felix Obelix
Bittersweet,” Trevor Stephenson
Interviewing World Renowned English Novelist Bapsi Sidhwa,” Tazeen Zahida
Love Tunnels,” Malgorzata Zerwe & David Zane Mairowitz

POETRY (listed alphabetically)
47834,” Brian Beatty
“Hepburn Manor, Los Angeles,” Bryce Berkowitz
Ode to Loki (or, an Absurd Glorification of Existential Loneliness),” Gabriela Frank
Bohemian Rhapsody, 1991,” AE Hines
introDICTION,” Angela Kariotis
Woods,” Erin McCoy
Drinks on the Porch, 2020,” Mara Naselli, Gil Teixeira, Liza Barley
These are Examples of Metaphors,” Marcos Neroy
Three Poems,” David Olimpio
Echo Bridge,” Jane P. Perry
“Great Grandmother Quartet,” Laura Budofsky Wisniewski
“Poet in Exile,” Landa wo

PROSE (listed alphabetically)
The Lorelei,” Beth Connor
When Staring into the Horizon’s Headlights,” Daniel Dyer
“For Frank Ponomarenko, For Feeding The Birds,” Mohan Fitzgerald
Letter to the Israeli Soldier,” Emily Franklin
Maps & Fires,” Jared Green
“Back Roads, A Love Story,” Summer Hammond
Time Travel,” Toni Ann Johnson
“Clarity,” M.M. Kaufman
“Stories for the Ineffable,” Maya Shanbhag Lang
Decoys,” Greg November
Alexa,” Nick Straatman
Adeline’s Gambol,” Annie Undeland

HUMOR (listed alphabetically)
“Gravity Dance,” Paul Allman
Safety in the Field, Episode 248,” Christian Baskous
All My Visits to the GAP, in No Particular Order,” Marissa Castrigno
Holy Holy,” Marina Favila
Vox Rex,” Robert Morgan Fisher
The Perfect Husband,” Marina Hatsopoulos
Ambrosia in Correspondence,” Anya Krawcheck
“Life Stories,” Paul Richmond
The Story Lady/Cinderella,” Sally Stevens
Ithaca Kitty’s Got Beef,” Julia Tagliere
The Big Sneeze,” Suzanne Verrall & Dani Burbrook

*Winners in each category to be announced February 2022. Please visit our Miller Audio Contest page for more details about contest changes in 2021.

2020 Contest Winners

WINNER: “Climb When Ready,” Arlie Adlington
Runner-Up: “Going Home: Voices of the Condemned,” Pinckney Benedict

WINNER: “Playing, just for you,” Marcel Price
Runner-Up: “Complete,” Troy Varvel

WINNER: “The Bird I Held in My Hand: Claudia, 41,” M.D. Reynolds
Runner-Up: “End of the World,” Rachael Cerrotti

WINNER: “Everything is Alive: The Magic 8 Ball,” Ian Chillag
Runner-Up: “Quarantine Careers: Voiceover Edition,” Tess Adams

2019 Contest Winners

WINNER: “How to Make an American Pi Quilt,” Stephen Ornes
Runner-Up: “The Story of the Edwin Hawkins Singers’ ‘Oh Happy Day,’” Alex Lewis

WINNER: “Doncellas,” Leah V. Gonzalez
Runner-Up: “Moses Boys,” Rohan Ayinde

WINNER: “Inheritance,” Mandi Jourdan
Runner-Up: “How to Survive a Fire,” Rachel Ann Brickner

WINNER: “Simon Says,” Megan Mack & Thank You Kiss
Runner-Up: “8 Missed Calls,” Will Holcomb

2018 Contest Winners

WINNER: “Date Paintings” by Julie Moon
Runner-Up: “Fragments Torn From Sky” by Rob Shapiro

WINNER: “The Roof of the World (Part 1)” by Claire O’Connor
Runner-Up: “Don’t Know Tough” by Eli Cranor

Audio Documentary
WINNER: “sobre la guayaba y la gente gay” by Stefania Gomez
Runner-Up: “Let It Beep” by Mark Bramhill

WINNER: “Book Club” by Adam Frick
Runner-Up: “Black Folks Ain’t Always Late” by Jonathan Samuel Eddie

2017 Contest Winners

WINNER: “Crossings” by Michael Jennings
Runner-Up: Poetry selections by Ingrid Wendt

WINNER: “Appalachian Sprung” by Mariflo Stephens
Runner-Up: “Does a Semiotic Dog Bite?” by Jill Morstad

Audio Documentary
WINNER: “Short of Breath” by Ryan Sweikert
Runner-Up: “Send Me Your Location” by Andrea Rangecroft

WINNER: “Toccata” by Mira Burt-Wintonick and Cristal Duhaime
Runner-Up: “How to Write a Poem That Costs You $175,000 Plus the Lady” by Aaron McKain

2016 Contest Winners

WINNER: “Watch Us Elocute” by Marcus Wicker
Runner-Up: “Picasso Baby” by Fable the Poet

WINNER: “Two Worlds” by Ingrid Rojas Contreras
Runner-Up: “The Sitter Dispatch” by Dennis Funk and Maya Goldberg-Safir

WINNER: “Crying Dry Tears” by Ibby Caputo
Runner-Up: “South Florida’s Graffiti Problem in the ‘90s Had an Emblem: Crook Crime”  by Julia Duba

WINNER: “Yoga Dogs” by Colleen Pellessier
Runner-Up: “Bek Mekages: The Mystery of Sunny Delight (Part 1)” by Nathan Blanchard

2015 Contest Winners

WINNER: “Notes on his poems by a guy who observed them in their natural habitat” by Kevin McIlvoy
Runner-Up: “Thresher” by Kai Carlson-Wee (with music by Channing Showalter)

WINNER: “Leaving Los Angeles” by Alison Byrne
Runner-Up: “Vox Rex” by Robert Morgan Fisher

WINNER: “Lance and Nina: A Story of Addiction and Redemption” by Karen Brown
Runner-Up: “Heartland, Missouri” by Abigail Keel

WINNER: “Chicken Cutlets, Cleavage & Compromise” by Jaime Lowe
Runner-Up: “This is how I thought things were done…sorry” by Erin Drew

2014 Contest Winners

WINNER: “Diary of Collected Summers” by Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua

Runner-Up: Poetry selections by Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie

WINNER: Steve De Jarnatt’s short story “Eggtooth

Runner-Up: Joshua Wheeler’s radio essay “Ugly Pew

WINNER: Abby Wendle and Sarah Geis for “To be Normal

Runner-Up: Diane Hope for “Lonely Nights

2013 Contest Winners

WINNER: Laurel Bastian for her poem “We All Want Out of this Play

Runner-Up: Henry Finch for his poem “Key Largo

WINNER: Anna Vodicka for her essay “In Search of Magic Kingdoms

WINNER: “The Storm” Produced by Kenny Malone and the WLRN-Miami Herald News team

Runner-Up: “Teen Contender” Produced by Joe Richman, Sue Jaye Johnson and Samara Freemark, Edited by Deborah George and Ben Shapiro with Marianne McCune

2012 Contest Winners

WINNER: Chloe Honum for her poem “Spring

Runner-Up: Elijah Burrell, “RC and Little Faye” and “Change of Song”

WINNER: Beth Morgan for her story “Sanderstown Testimonials

Runner-Up: Daniel DiStefano, “The New Neighbor in Barnum and Bailey Retirement City

WINNER: Emma Weatherill for her documentary “Nuns on Trial

Runner-Up: Rachel Coonce, “A Brief Investigation into the Origins of a Cookie Memory

2011 Contest Winners

WINNER: Greg Brownderville for his poem “Sex and Pentacost

First Runner-Up:
Katie Schmid for her poem “Bird Heart

Henry Finch, “Continuous Form
Kate Asche, “Know/Don’t Know

WINNER: Rachel Yoder for her essay “I’m White and I’m Mennonite

First Runner-Up:
Bill Ratner for his essay “The Archiving of an I Love Lucy Bit-Part Player

Claire Noble, “State-Sponsored Sex
Katie McMurran and Heidi Darchuk, “Arrowhead Lake
Kathleen G. White, “About the Weather
Ken Cormier, “A Day in the Life of a Conversationalist

Self-Recorded Documentary
WINNER: Ken Cormier for “Voices of the Dead

First Runner-Up:
Amy Schleunes for “The Body Instrument

Molly Bennett, “Chuck Lakin, Woodworker
Mark Munger, “Food For Thought
Molly Graham, “Besides Life Here
Judith Sloan, “Tongues Twisting

Professionally-Recorded Documentary
WINNER: Anna Pinkert for “After the Flood

First Runner-Up:
Lulu Miller for “Falling in Love

2009 Contest Winners

First Place

Austin Bunn, “Basement Story

Second Place

Brenda Ann Kenneally, Lu Olkowski, and Susan B.A. Somers-Willett, “Women of Troy

Editors’ Prize Finalists

Rachel Yoder, “The Thing at the Foot of the Bed
Hillary Frank, “Lucy & The Bike Girl
Molly O’Dell, “Triage: Poems”
Alethea Black, “Letter to Cornelia Street Cafe”
Richard Sonnenmoser, “Other Women”

2008 Contest Winners

Narrative Essay

First place, $1,000: Judith Sloan, “Dayenu
First runner-up: Judith Sloan, “What’s Your Status”
Second runner-up: Nancy M. Williams, “’Reverie’ Reclaimed”


First place, $1,000: Lauren Kirby, “Love Triangle
First runner-up and best student entry: Ken Cormier, “Dad’s Naughty Pictures”
Second runner-up: Karen Brown, “Love, War, & PTSD”

Creative Nonfiction

First place, $500: Rachael Hanel, “Smoke Rings
First runner-up: Robert V. Wolf, “Mary Lee”
Second runner-up: Sue Mell, “Foreign Land”
Best student entry: Kristin S. vanNamen, “Personal Assistant Needed”


First place, $500: Ann Rosenquist Fee, “Annunciation of the Baby Jesus One Block North of Riverfront Dr.
First runner-up and best student entry: Kristin S. vanNamen, “Glorie in a Small Town”


First place, $500: Douglas Collura, “Living the Life of the Great Buster Keaton
First runner-up: Alex Grant, “Fear of Moving Water”
Second runner-up: Todd Boss, “There’s a Guy in L.A. Who Charges a Premium Teaching Men How To Get Women”
Best student entry: Marcus Wicker, “The Life Expectancy of a Fruit Fly”


Creative Short

First place, $500: Anne Lewis, “Separate Vacations”
First runner-up: Ryan Scammell, “A Length of Time Is Measured By the Space Between 2 Hands”
Second runner-up: Tim Wilson, “The Clam Diggers”


First place, $500: Basia Winograd, “The Unhappy Traveler: A New Yorker in India”
First runner-up: Bill Bonde, “Inventing the G-Suit: the Life Story of Dr. Earl Wood”
Second runner-up: Dmae Roberts, “Coming Home”
Best student entries: Lucie Schwartz, “Nokota” and Brian White, “The Palmyra Massacre”

2007 Contest Winners

Narrative Essay

First place, $1,000: Judith Sloan, “Sweeping Statements
First runner-up: Kris Saknussemm, “Cahoots
Second runner-up: Richard Paul, “Fighting With My Dad”


First place, $1,000: Lu Olkowski, “Grandpa
First runner-up and Editors’ Choice Award, $100: Richard Paul, “Shakespeare in Black and White
Second runner-up: Ken Cormier, “The Secret Pianos of Manhattan
Third runner-up: Dan Collison, “Lord God Bird”

10-minute play

First place, $500: Kris Saknusemm: “Memory Wound
First runner-up: George Zarr: “Old Dog/Newer Tricks
Second runner-up: Sue Zizza, National Audio Theatre Festivals, “Avian Invasion

Voice-only Literature

Creative Nonfiction

First place in Voice-only Literature category and Creative Nonfiction subcategory, $500: Albert Haley, “The Cough
First runner-up and Editors’ Choice Award, $100: Lisa K. Buchanan, “All That I Missed
Second runner-up: Randolph Jordan, “A Death in the Family
Third runner-up: Angela Cervantes, “A House of Women

Flash Fiction

First place in subcategory and Editors’ Choice Award, $100: Josh McDonald, “Lost
First runner-up and Editors’ Choice Award, $100: Jithendria Kumar Aravamudhan, “Memoirs of a Mad Man


First place in subcategory and Editors’ Choice Award, $100: Todd Boss, “To Wind a Mechanical Toy
First runner-up: Todd Boss, “Yellow Rocket
Second runner-up: Susan B.A. Somers-Willett, “The Golden Lesson
Third runner-up: Eric Torgersen, “Taking Tickets
Fourth runner-up: Josh McDonald, “Women in Strange Trousers