It is a fact: your donation to the Missouri Review can help support our magazine, our abilities to change with the times, our interns, and our contributors and readers.

This last year has brought all of us a number of challenges, some beyond the imagination. Yet during quieter moments we at TMR feel an enormous gratitude for our submitters, subscribers, and donors.

Our staff spends part of our day reading submissions to the magazine, and we often remark on the top-quality work we receive—now more than ever. I mention this because we all find this abundance of great literature heartening. Over the last twelve months we have received about 20% more submissions than last year.  Our number of worldwide reads on Project Muse of Johns Hopkins has steadily increased to nearly twice the number of any other year. It reminds us that our ability to create art and exercise our imaginations is one of our best defenses against the difficulties we currently face.

While these are indeed challenging times for the arts and university budgets, we are committed to securing the financial health of TMR so the magazine is not vulnerable to uncertainties. Your gift to the Missouri Review will help us remain a stable quarterly print and online publication. It will continue to allow us to discover the finest work without regard to an author’s fame or previous reputation. It also helps us to carry on our mission of teaching the next generation of editors through our competitive internship program. Every little bit helps.

Warmly, and with deep gratitude,
The Editors

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