Uncategorized | March 08, 2005

A little over a year ago, Usha Akella launched an organization called the Poetry Caravan in Westchester County, New York. Akella wanted to provide free poetry readings and writing workshops to people who might not ordinarily have access to such opportunities. According to Akella, since October 2003, the Poetry Caravan has done more than 75 readings and about 10 workshops in nursing homes, senior centers, women’s shelters, and health care facilities.

Now, forthcoming this month, is an anthology entitled en(compass), to be published by Yuganta Press, with an introduction by Billy Collins. The book is a collection of poems from 32 poets who have participated in the caravan, including Patricia Smith, Margo Stever, Pramila Venkateswaran, and Ralph Nazareth, as well as a selection of poetry from workshop participants. Just one more example of poetry making its way into the world.