From Our Soundbooth | March 12, 2015

A few weeks ago on the podcast, we featured an example of one sort of humor submission we’d love to see sent in to our newest category in the 2015 Miller Audio Prize Contest, the anecdotal radio essay ‘Consider the Jellyfish.”

This week, we are excited to share with you another former submission that we feel captures an entirely different subgenre within this new Humor category—Ben Grund’s satire “EndPR.” Time is running out to submit to the Audio Contest for a chance to win one of four $1,000 prizes, so send us your best work in prose, poetry, audio documentary, and humor.

Ben Grund grew up in New Jersey, raised between Saturday morning cartoons and Sunday morning church. His early life was plagued by important questions, such as: How did the sacrifice of Jesus work? Did he take all of the sins into his body and then explode, like the Hulk swallowing a nuclear warhead? These questions were simultaneously philosophical, goofy, irreverent, and genuine and when his Sunday school teachers didn’t answer, Ben started writing stories to make sense of them.

After graduating with a major in Religion and a minor in Film Studies from Colorado College, Ben went on to work in film and television, working as a production assistant while writing screenplays. Ben enjoys telling stories that explore morality, religion, mythology, and human nature while balancing irreverence with respect, satire with sincerity, philosophy with grounded human struggle, and goofiness with real drama. In his spare time, he enjoys poker, martial arts, and pretending to know things about scotch.

Thanks again for joining us on this week’s Soundbooth Podcast, don’t forget to check out the 2015 Miller Audio Prize Contest, and we hope you enjoy “EndPR.”