Dispatches | October 18, 2009

As a senior at The university of Missouri my time to say “Oh the economy will improve before I start looking for a job” is quickly coming to an end.  The reality being of course that the economy has not drastically improved and that jobs for new college graduates are more difficult than ever to secure.  Its times like these that I start to question the relevance of my college education (I’m an English major) and start wondering if I should have sprinkled in a few business classes here and there.  I was recently lead by my frantic google search of “how to get a job in publishing” to an article titled, well, “How to Get a Job in Publishing.” The approach taken by the writer of the article to find a job is anything but traditional, and she even goes as far as creating an ad for herself on facebook..  I’m not one to shy away from creative approaches, and I am more than ready to give it a good effort, but as I spend more time scanning MediaBistro and Bookjobs,  I’m feeling a bit discouraged with the job market.  GALLEYCAT has a new blog post everytime any major company advertises a job opening, and I can only imagine these positions are flooded with thousands of applicants. I would love to hear if any readers have advice on how to go about getting a new job, or if anyone has been successful in getting a job advertised online.