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Sun, Rising

Gill Netting the Beaver Pond

After the Annual Convention

Illuminating Manuscripts

Change of Circumstance

On March 1, 1968, I flew to New York City to attend a one-day conference/speak-out for “fit” mothers who had lost custody in courts.In twenty years I had not met another woman whose “case” resembled mine. All the divorced women I knew had custody of their children, and never was that custody seriously challenged.

Eleven o’clock. Olivia sleeps with her head in my lap, Tony asleep in the backseat. I turn on the radio and for the first time I listen for news of a mother with two children, last seen in Berkeley, California, at 9:20 p.m., Thursday evening, August 12.


Friends of a Stranger

This essay is not currently available online.

In October of 1962, when I flipped my pale-blue jacket over my shoulder and walked to the bus stop, I was sixteen years old, and a great deal had already occurred to change my life. As I walked, I watched my brothers pedaling their unicycles down the street to the left, their bright scarves flying from their throats, unfurling flags of red and yellow. In a rain of leaves which picked up the colors of my brother’s scarves, I fel extremely peaceful, from the bus stop, I ran into Killer–his eyes nervous, scanning the sidewalk, the grass, the trees for the slightest movement, drawn now to a tumbling leaf, again to the high, flitting tail of a black squirrel which seemed to follow us with a high-strutting jump and jump.