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It's Love, Buddy

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My mother has resurfaced in central Illinois. I read it in the newspaper, Articles from Around the Nation. Stone flamingos disappear from lawns, the article said. I know that’s her. I know how she does it. No one thinks twice when they see an old lady around the neighborhood. She makes friends with the dogs and when she goes back to lift the birds, there’s no trouble. Bones in her pockets and a good idea of the whole neighborhood’s schedule, she’d make a good thief.

An Importance of Place

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Any Promise Made

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Unmailed Answer

In 1886 Mark Twain received a letter from a former newspaper editor requesting a recommendation from Twain for a government “consulship.” But the poor fellow did not reckon with Twain’s remembering a negative newspaper review of one of his stage performances that the man had written anonymously some sixteen years before. This is Twain’s initial response. It speaks well of him that he never mailed this letter. The editors of The Missouri Review figure that enough time has passed now to publish it.

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The Corner View

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The room was large. It was blue and white. There were gilt, mirrored doors on the armoires. A small but elegant crystal chandelier hung in the center of the room. Pristine, handpainted beds. The room was beautiful. But the view of the lake, was not the right one. It was only a corner view. One had to step out onto the tiny balcony and turn one’s head a hard left in order to see it. I saw in an instant that no amount of beautiful room would alleviate this.

Poetry: Jon Veinberg

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