Dispatches | November 29, 2007

Christmas is looming, and as embarrassed as I am to admit it, I am a chronic consumer. Sadly, however, my funds are limited, and therefore I must be selective in my purchasing. My favorite things to buy are – surprise, surprise – books.

However (I have to make a confession here and some of you may find it upsetting, so brace yourselves), sometimes I like to buy things besides books. Sometimes I prefer to buy things that are decorative, or utilitarian, or – dare I say it? Novel. Still, my passion for books dominates my consumerist tendencies.

Imagine my joy, then, when I found a place where I could satisfy every one of my economy building, wallet depleting urges. Kimbooktu is a blog that celebrates all things book related by providing links to sites that sell bookish products. You will find books made into wall art, chairs that are also bookshelves, tiny little books on keychains, even a dress covered in books. My favorite is an up-and-coming product marketed by Tank Books. Their spiel: “As one habit dies hard, another takes hold.” The product: classic novels designed to look like packs of cigarettes. The one I hope to buy some day: an addictive Death of Ivan Ilyich.

‘Tis the season, my fellow bibliophiles. You should definitely check out Kimbooktu.

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