Uncategorized | August 04, 2004

I read fashion magazines and also receive my share of clothing catalogues. Reading these publications, I’ve noticed that puzzling literary references have crept into the copy. From the Victorian Trading Company, I can order the Isadora scarf, a flowing piece of gossamer fabric. Hopefully when wearing it, I won’t suffer Ms. Duncan’s fate. From J Jill for fall, I can buy the “Dalloway shoes.” These leather slip-ons are inspired by 20s-era fashion and Woolf’s novel about a depressed, aging woman who just wants to give a grand party, God damn it. For my husband, J Peterman is selling the Gatsby shirt. It has a full cut, real pearl buttons, and a handsome stud at the neck. He’ll look dapper when a jealous husband guns him down.

Jane recently ran a fashion pictorial inspired by famous females of literature. In one picture a mournful looking girl wearing Michael Kors and Calvin Klein sits on the girder of a bridge high above the city. The copy reads: “’How can you be so many women to so many strange people, oh you strange girl?’ Sylvia Plath asked herself. Sometimes a girl just needs a place to be alone and depressed.” But on a bridge? Zelda Fitzgerald’s eccentric fashion sense is memorialized in a photo of a girl wearing a leather coat over a Gautier chiffon dress. Perhaps the new trend for fall is sanitarium chic.

What’s next? The Hemingway double-barrel shotgun.