ISSUES | fall 2000

23.2 (Fall 2000)

Featuring work by Steve Almond, Amy Quan Berry, Ed Falco, Joanna Fried, Robert Gibb, Launa Lorenz Hall, Patricia Henley, Michele Morano, Danielle Ofri, Susan Vreeland, Jane Wampler, Katharine Whitcomb, Leslie Wooten… and an interview with John Updike.



Jun 01 2000

About Wayne

Some Aprils in upstate New York school was canceled because of snow, and my brother and I imagined what life would be like if summer never came again. There were a lot of years like that, but I can only think of two amazingly warm Aprils, and this, the year of Wayne, is the second. It’s late afternoon, and I’m sitting in the woods out back, on a log at the edge of a small stream, thighs pulled close to my chest. I’ve been here for a while and have no intention of moving yet, so determined am I to show everyone. Right now there’s no one around to show, but I lay my cheek against my knee anyway, in the pose of someone wronged.