ISSUES | winter 2004

27.3 Cover

27.3 (Winter 2004): "Solo"

Featuring work by Susanna Childress, Cynthia Coffel, Robert Gibb, Julia Glassman, Tom Ireland, Brigid Pasulka, Emily Raboteau, David Roderick, Steve Salerno, Peter Selgin, Cameron Walker…and an interview with Richard Wilbur.


27.3 Cover


Dec 01 2004

The Courage to Be

I was raised in the kind of family in which just about everyone owned his or her own private copy of The Courage to Be.
Do you remember The Courage to Be from your freshman year of college and that class in contemporary religious thought? The book explores ways in which people might find courage to affirm themselves, their existence, their “Being,” in spite of their anxiety about death, their worry about the meaningless of their lives and their guilt about their moral failings.