ISSUES | spring 2005

28.1 Cover

28.1 (Spring/Summer 2005): "Confessional"

Featuring work by Suzanne Feldman, Paul Eggers, Steve Almond, Davis Combs, Elizabeth Powell, David Hernandez, Jeremy Jackson, Jeffrey Hammond, Samuel Pickering, Saskia Hamilton… and an interview of John Stewart by Michael Piafsky.


28.1 Cover


Mar 01 2005

An Interview with the Writers of America the Book

We didn’t really concern ourselves about how informed our audience was going to be. What we wanted was for you to open the book and see the naked Supreme Court justices, and you laugh at that, on a certain level independent of your knowledge of who these people are. We wanted to make sure that the book had a lot of pretty accessible, fun stuff that wasn’t dependent on your level of education or knowledge. On the flip side, some of us are kind of nerdy in our love of history and literature, so we put in jokes for us. One of the things I laughed hardest at was a sidebar in the Supreme Court chapter, the landmark case of V v. V settled on fifth appeal (V v. V V), which was a reference to a miniseries and a Thomas Pynchon book, so not a lot of people are going to get that joke, but we didn’t worry about it because we know that you turn three pages and you’ve got Scalia’s dong.