ISSUES | winter 2006

29.4 Cover

29.4 (Winter 2006): "Black and White"

Featuring work by Courtney Angela Brkic, Rana Dasgupta, Patricia Foster, Seth Fried, Bob Hicok, Jesal Kanani, Sandra Kohler, V. Penelope Pelizzon, Stormy Stipe, Silas Dent Zobal…a look at the drawings of Romaine Brooks…and an interview with Terrance Hayes.




29.4 Cover


Dec 01 2006

What a Writer Does Best

The full text of this foreword is not currently available online.

One winter evening many years ago, some friends and I were entertaining ourselves with a game of free association. We were to respond without hesitation to whatever word or phrase the questioner put to us. Instead about asking about the obvious things– favorite hobbies, best moview, happiest moments, etc.– my friend was being philosophical. To me he said, “Literature,” and my unthinking response was, “Black and white.”