ISSUES | fall 2015

38.3 Cover

38.3 (Fall 2015): "Out of This World"

Featuring work by Elizabeth Altomonte, M.R. Branwen, Zach Dayhuff, Regina DiPerna, Meron Hadero, Gabrielle Hovendon, Jenny Molberg, Mike Petrik, Deborah Thompson, Anthony Wallace, and Noah Warren. Also featuring “Street Disorder: The Playful Disruption of Urban Art Installation” by Kristine Somerville.


38.3 Cover


Oct 13 2015

The Witch

His friend the graduate student, though, now that was another story. Her mother had named her Stanwycke after Barbara Stanwyck, for the role she’d played in Double Indemnity—her mother had whimsically added the final e—and everyone called her Wicky. Fallon called her Wicky, too, but he also called her Stanwycke once in a while, and he thought of her as Stanwycke like the name of a grand old English country house, a house with a name, a house the mere sight of which let you know exactly what you wanted out of life. Fallon wanted Wicky, gap-toothed smile and all.