The Miller Aud-cast | August 10, 2021

Hello everybody, we’re back with our 26th episode of the Miller Aud-cast. I continue to be Marc McKee, managing editor of the Missouri Review, and I’m pleased to be here with you, now, in the Great Whatever. It’s an honor today to present the latest finalist in the Prose category for the 2021 Miller Audio Prize, “Alexa,” by Nick Straatmann.

Nick Straatmann writes across and sometimes blends genres including science fiction, humor, and horror. His short story, “The Truth about Josh Enloe,” was shortlisted for the Shirley Jackson Award in 2019. His fiction has been published in Parhelion.

Keep listening after this alarming, effective consideration of our tech-inflected modernity to hear me and contest editor Bailey Boyd discuss why we think its so well done.

Stay tuned for Miller Aud-cast #27, coming soon. Thanks also to the Missouri Review contest editor, Bailey Boyd, and to Patricia Miller, for her generous support for the Miller Audio Prize.

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