From Our Soundbooth | March 21, 2022

Hello and welcome to Miller Aud-cast, the Missouri Review podcast where we listen to and discuss the finalists for the 2021 Miller Audio Prize. Thank you for being here for episode 50, featuring the latest finalist for the 2021 Miller Audio Prize in Poetry, Laura Budofsky Wisniewski, with “Great Grandmother Quartet.”

Laura Budofsky Wisniewski is the author of Sanctuary, Vermont (forthcoming Orison Books, March 2022) and How to Prepare Bear (Redbird Chapbooks). Her work has appeared in Image, Hunger Mountain Review, American Journal of Poetry, Pilgrimage, Confrontation and others. She is winner of the 2020 Orison Poetry Prize, Ruminate Magazine’s 2020 Janet B. Mccabe Poetry Prize, the 2019 Poetry International Prize, and the 2014 Passager Poetry Prize. Laura lives in a small town in Vermont.

Wisniewski notes:
I never knew my great grandmothers. Not even their names. Three of them never got out of Belarus where they were exterminated. For each woman, I had only one piece of information. I followed those single details into the poem until I met them there. I wrote “Great Grandmother Quartet” so they could would not be anonymous or forgotten.

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Aud-cast 51 will be here for you before you know it, so keep a watchful ear and listening eye about you. Thanks as always to the outgoing Missouri Review contest editor, Bailey Boyd, and to Patricia Miller, for her generous support for the Miller Audio Prize.

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