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Now available: The Trail of the Demon and Other Stories by Jane Gillette, the first title of our new imprint, Missouri Review Books.

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Praise for The Trail of the Demon and Jane Gillette

“Jane Gillette’s stories are sinewy and astringent, laced with mordant humor and sharp insights about the realities of sex, race, and privilege.  Often her narrators look back on their lives from a distance of years, discovering the “unlooked-for experience of foiled expectations.”  Her voice, reminiscent of Grace Paley or Edith Pearlman, is strong and smart and wholly her own.  This collection is a pleasure to read.”  –ALIX OHLIN, author of Inside and Signs and Wonders

“Jane Gillette’s scalpel-sharp prose strips away her characters’ carefully constructed facades and reveals their vulnerable, truest selves. Whether dissecting racial anxiety or class resentment or various forms of jealousy and disappointment, Gillette’s stories fearlessly expose the human heart beating beneath our civilization’s many veils.”—MAY-LEE CHAI, author of Dragon Chica and The Girl from Purple Mountain

“For those interested in the short story, Gillette’s work will serve as a master class. In these stories, a perfect sense of craft is joined with a human warmth and a startling depth of insight that makes this collection indispensable.” –SETH FRIED, author of The Great Frustration

“I’m sorry to say that I did not know Jane Gillette’s work until now, but I am grateful to Missouri Review Books for bringing this lovely collection to my attention. I liked every one of these stories. Gillette is a masterful writer.”—STEVE YARBROUGH, author of Safe from the Neighbors and The End of California

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