Dispatches | May 02, 2011

The date of the launch party for the Spring issue is fast approaching, and while I realize there are a few more important things being discussed around the blogosphere today, I’d still like to take a moment to celebrate the incredible artwork donated for the event by Los Angeles artist Fionn McCabe.[1]

Working with the issue’s theme—Peril, which in turn was built around the wonderful work of our Editors’ Prize winners and others included in the spring issue—Fionn created several images for the launch planning team to choose from, and I was thrilled when we all agreed that the above image was The One.

The vaguely creepy, yet visually satisfying feeling that I get from this illustration is a common in Fionn’s work. Since I am not at all versed in the language of art criticism, I’ll let another of Fionn’s illustrations do the talking for me:

This is What the People Want

In addition to his solo work, Fionn is also a co-founder of Oh Nancy, a collaborative project that serves as a vehicle for artists, providing an underlying narrative structure on top of which artists working in a variety of media have created—and continue to create—layer upon layer of parallel mythologies and fictional characters as a means of critiquing some of America’s most established and beloved institutions. Here’s one of my favorite images of the Corn Alliance football team starring quarterback Bill Oolie:

The Cookout

Fionn’s recent work has been featured on BOOOOOOOM!, Beautiful/Decay, the fashion press, and Emulsion Apparel, and can of course be found on his own site fionnmccabe.com, on which you can explore his many projects and subscribe to his blog.

In case you’re now saying to yourself, yes, fine, but what does Fionn look like, I will leave you with this portrait of the artist on vacation.

Portrait of the Artist on Vacation (left) / A Portrait of Vacation (right)

[1] (Full disclosure: yes, he’s my brother, as is Sean who has done some incredible work for the anthology project, including our beloved mascot, Humphrey. What can I say, when I need free art, I turn to family. Do they have a great sister, or what? Okay, I admit it; I’m the lucky one.)