Uncategorized | February 17, 2005

Politics and poetry often form a provocative and volatile mix. In the right hands, however, the pairing can be challenging, inspirational, and soul affirming–so finds Kathryn Fishman in, “Preparing for Mars: Reflections on Nikki Giovanni.”

Giovanni, one of the most important poets to emerge from the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s, has authored more than twenty books of poetry and prose, including Black Feeling, Black Talk/Black Judgment, The Women and the Men, Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day, Those Who Ride the Night Winds, and Sacred Cows and Other Edibles. Her book, Racism 101, includes bold, controversial essays about the situation of race in America. Her newest works, The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni: 1968-1998, and The Prosaic Soul of Nikki Giovanni were released at the end of 2003.