From Our Staff | September 12, 2008

Continuing our look at previous Editors’ Prize fiction winners, the 2004 winner, “Family Planning” by Valerie Laken, is about Josie and Adrianna, a couple who go to Russia to adopt a child. They face an obstacle that a straight couple would not, in that the Russian government would not permit a lesbian couple to adopt a Russian child, so they must pretend that Adrianna alone is looking to adopt, and that Josie is just a friend accompanying her. For Josie this is frustrating because she is the one who truly wants to adopt a child, but for financial reasons must let Adrianna take the lead when they go to the orphanage. This leads to a difficult decision for the couple, as Josie begins to realize that she has become a participant in a bizarre shopping trip, where everything comes at a high price. Copy/paste the link below to read the story:

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