From Our Soundbooth | July 28, 2016

This week, on The Missouri Review’s Soundbooth podcast, the audio team discusses YA fiction and it’s many ambiguities.

Among the literary community there has been an ongoing discussion on the merits and span of Young Adult fiction following its recent spike in popularity. Best-selling YA books have begun reaching audiences of all ages and many believe it has outgrown its label. For example, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games have swept the world with an outpouring of praise from millions, and this has also attracted the attention of many literary critics.  On this Soundbooth podcast, the TMR interns reminisce about their favorite YA books and discuss the pros and cons of the genre. The podcast will touch on topics such as the commercialization of the label, the effectiveness of theme in such books, and even the future of the genre.

This podcast is recorded, edited, and brought to you by Madeline McConnell, Max Dougherty, Kristian Haywood, and Cole Kelly.