The Missouri Review Video Winner Kicks Off True/False Film Fest


Last night, the True/False Film Fest ( launched its sixth annual festival with the screening of Afghan Star,directed by Havana Marking. First, though, festival co-founder David Wilson announced the winner of the Creative Short category of our annual Audio and Video Competition.

Anne Lewis takes home the top honors with “Separate Vacations,” an animated short about a narrator who drops her dog off at the kennel and finds herself facing agonizing decisions concerning her dog’s possible future. The screening delighted those in attendance at the state-of-the-art classroom/theatre in the recently-opened R.J. Reynolds journalism building on the campus of the University of Missouri.

On the documentary side, the winner of our competition goes to “A New Yorker in India,” by Basia Winograd. The doc features lush photography and insight into India’s culture as a native New Yorker travels across the country by train.

Both winners, along with the winners of the audio competition, as well student winners (to be named soon) will be featured on our website. Watch this site for more information and blogs about the film festival.



1994 Editor's Prize Winner

Michael Byers won the 1994 Editors’ Prize contest with his story, “Settled on the Cranberry Coast.”  This was Byers’ first publication and the story later appeared in his award winning debut collection, The Coast of Good Intentions.  Ward, aka Frosty, is a recently retired high school history teacher coming to terms with his new life.  With no wife or children, retirement threatens a future of unbroken solitude until Ward advertises his carpentry services and is contacted by Trudi, a woman he went to high school with.  Trudi, a hard-edged, Native American with a granddaughter in tow, hires Ward to fix up her house, and over the course of the weeks that follow, Ward gets his first real glimpse of the life he might have had had he married, and his first glimpse of hope that it’s not too late.  Read the story at