Audio and Video Competition Winners Announced

We’re pleased to announce the winners of the second annual Audio & Video Competition. We received 211 entries, and the quality was deep in nearly every category. Over the next few weeks we will audition the winners and select runners-up for your listening enjoyment.

Narrative Essay
First place, $1,000: “Dayenu,” by Judith Sloan
First runner-up: “What’s Your Status,” Judith Sloan
Second runner-up: “‘Reverie’” Reclaimed, Nancy M. Williams
No student entries/winners

First place, $1,000: “Love Triangle,” Lauren Kirby
First runner-up and best student: “Dad’s Naughty Pictures,” Ken Cormier
Second runner-up: “Love, War, & PTSD: Peter and Anna Mohan”

Voice Only

First place, $500: “Annunciation of the Baby Jesus One Block North of Riverfront Dr.,” Ann Rosenquist
First runner-up and best student entry: “Glorie in a Small Town,” Kristin S. vanNamen

Creative nonfiction
First place, $500: “Smoke Rings,” Rachael Hanel
First runner-up: “Mary Lee,” Robert V. Wolf
Second runner-up: “Foreign Land,” Sue Mell
Best student entry: “Personal Assistant Needed,” Kristin S. vanNamen

First place, $500: “Living the Life of the Great Buster Keaton,” Douglas Collura
First runner-up: “Fear of Moving Water,” Alex Grant
Second runner-up: “There’s a Guy in L.A. Who Charges a Premium Teaching Men How To Get Women,” Todd Boss
Best student entry: “The Life Expectancy of a Fruit Fly,” “Some Revisions,” Marcus Wicker


Creative Short
First place, $500: “Separate Vacations,” Anne Lewis
First runner-up: “A Length of Time Is Measured By the Space Between 2 Hands,” Ryan Scammell
Second runner-up: “The Clam Diggers,” Tim Wilson

First place: $500: “The Unhappy Traveler: A New Yorker in India,” Basia Winograd
First runner-up: Inventing the G-Suit: the Life Story of Dr. Earl Wood,” Bill Bonde
Second runner-up: “Coming Home,” Dmae Roberts
Best student entries: “Nokota,” Lucie Schwartz; and “The Palmyra Massacre,” Brian White


Visitors to the popular website Poetry Daily can get a taste of the work of poet Todd Boss, who readers and listeners of TMR already know as the poetry winner (and first runner-up) of our inaugural Audio Contest, for his poems “To Wind a Mechanical Toy,” and “Yellowrocket,” respectively. His poem, “To Be Alone Again in the Thick Skin,” which Poetry Daily is featuring, will give readers the chance to see Boss’ deft attention to sound and sense, which when read aloud produce such dazzling sonic effects. Find ample example of this here.
It’s also a great opportunity to remind our readers that as we move into the center of November, they have just over two weeks to make ready and submit their own sound (and video!) recordings of original creative compositions. The deadline is December 1, and all you need to know can be found here.

Congratulations, Todd!