Uncategorized | February 25, 2004

Lately I have been struck by the sheer multitude of literary sites on the internet. Sites specializing in quotations, study guides, diaries and journals, pedagogy and resources. Numerous options flood the web for new writers, and lately there seem to be no excuses for writers not to be published. I came across East of the Web through a recommendation from a friend, and encourage taking a look. East of the Web offers writers the opportunity to post new writings with the option of discussion and feedback. The website also has a page solely devoted to other literary links. I found this page especially helpful for publishing information, basics on the business aspects of writing, and submitting to online journals. I think these websites are fantastic outlets to encourage writers to go public, though some may feel it’s gotten too easy to publish online. Has it gotten too easy and should the web be more selective about the works it publishes?