Uncategorized | April 25, 2004

As this is my last weblog entry for the semester, I found myself reflecting on what writing weblogs has been like. The weblog has been an experiment that, as we have been told, has enjoyed much success and popularity, which I think is because of the variety of voices and styles exhibited, as well as subject matter. However, for me, the weblog has been a constant source of anxiety.

The prompt is simple: write a couple paragraphs about something in the literary community or how something in your life ties into literature. However, two things tend to complicate matters. The first is that this internship is treated more like a job than anything else, so when posting on the website a certain level of professionalism is required. The second is that TMR is a prestigious publication with a devout readership. Every time I post an entry, I can’t help but imagine Speer coming into the general staff meeting with a plummeting line chart, and telling everyone that because of my last weblog half of our subscribers have cancelled and the whole publication will be shut down. I know what you’re thinking, and I agree: this is completely paranoid.

I think it is the relative gravity of the situation that tends to worry me, but ultimately the weblog, as well as the rest of the internship, has been a great experience that is a lot like having a job. I have one more semester of my internship left, and from the positive reception of the weblog as a whole (unless this entry has irreversibly tarnished the people’s view of TMR) it looks like I’ll be writing them for another semester.