From Our Staff | September 22, 2006

Only twelve days left to get your contest entries into the mail. Why should you submit to The Missouri Review’s Jeffery E. Smith Editors’ Prize? Because of all the things you can use $3000 for. To get you started, here are just some things that your $3000 award might by, as compiled by contest editor Michael Piafsky:

432 Rubber Chickens

2000 Spam® It’s American decorative bracelets

0.864 seconds of a War in Iraq

2 Round Trip Tickets from Nome, Alaska, to Little Rock, Arkansas

4011 Wind-up Chomping Teeth

200 One-year Subscriptions to The Missouri Review

0.00000000038% of the United States National debt

2069 Large containers of Cool Whip® brand Whipped Topping at Wal-Mart

260 Copies of Dancing With Cats by Burton Silver