From Our Staff | April 28, 2010

Everybody wants to rule the world (is that song stuck in your head yet?  No?  Give it time …) and be at the top of any given list: Best Dressed, Best One Hit Wonders, Best Late Night Dining Options, etc. The Missouri Review isn’t the top of this new list, but hey, art is subjective, right? Also, it’s always fascinating to see if your mental list of top “tiers” is in agreement with this writer’s.

Everyone’s Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot

Who is the “best” is something that all writers think about: where do we want to be published, what magazines do we want to read, where are we going to find the most innovative and engaging work.  While one might quibble with the specific order in Michel’s list, my guess is that there would be generally agreement here. Ranking something, say, #24 or #25 doesn’t, in the end, matter all that much anyway, does it?

For much more on the journals, be sure to check out Luna Park and The Review Review, a pair of journals that review literary magazines.

Tip o’the cap to Anne Earney for the Lincoln Michel article.