Uncategorized | July 05, 2006

Michael Martone never lacks for interesting things to say, whether it be about his native Midwest or the craft of writing or himself (or more accurately, all of himselves, real and invented). In a web-only contribution to The Missouri Review, “Four False Starts: On Beginning and Continuing,” Martone (or rather, “the author”) “reveals (in a brief narrative) the particulars of a creative (he believes) creative writing assignment and attempts to connect it (via metaphor and/or symbol) to some amorphous thinking concerning the concept of process.”

Martone is the author of, among other works, Michael Martone, The Blue Guide to Indiana, Alive And Dead In Indiana, Penseés: The Thoughts Of Dan Quayle, and Fort Wayne Is Seventh On Hitler’s List. He is currently a Professor of English and Director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Alabama where he has been teaching since 1996. Before that, he taught at Syracuse University, Iowa State University, and Harvard University. He lives with the poet Theresa Pappas and their two sons Sam and Nick.