Uncategorized | April 22, 2004

Is it summer? Winter? Spring can’t be sure. Perhaps it is the warm weather and approaching graduation that has me putting together boxes and organizing piles of things to begin packing away. Today I stood in front of my bookshelf, gazing to the tops of the unread books I have longed to pick up and read. It happens like this every year: final exams, culminating papers approach, and I pass my bookshelf painfully. I pass it by wanting to read, I open up new stationary and contemplate writing letters to friends who have slipped by in the haze of five months, in short –anything to not sit in front of the computer composing or studying. And isn’t it in the middle of the 20 page research paper you are busily writing that you pause and think, “I have the brilliant story! I have the story I have been unable to write for the last month, and it needs to be written!” But of course the story can’t be written because you have 20 pages to write, and 20 pages are more important. My most creative moments seem to occur when I am the most preoccupied, most involved in other obligations and completely torn away from my creative stimulants.

So I could be getting ahead of myself, it is only April, but I think we need to compile a summer reading list. The list could be titled something like, “Read These When You Can Stay Awake Again”, or “Surprise! You Can Read For Enjoyment!” Okay, I’ll start us off.

The Reading List Thus Far–

1. The Broom of the System -David Foster Wallace.
This is Wallace’s latest book and his books entertain me.

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