Dispatches | May 03, 2011

We’re very excited to have chosen the winners of our 2011 Audio Competition. Thanks to all who entered. Not only did we receive an unprecedented number of entries this year, but we also received many entries that displayed incredible talent, making the judging process very difficult (a good kind of difficult though!). We hope that those who entered this year will send to us again for the 2012 contest.

And now, it’s my pleasure to announce the winners and finalists in our four categories:

WINNER: Greg Brownderville for his poem “Sex and Pentacost”

First Runner-Up:
Katie Schmid for her poem “Bird Heart”

Henry Finch “Continuous Form”
Kate Asche “Know/Don’t Know”

WINNER: Rachel Yoder for her essay “I’m White and I’m Mennonite”

First Runner-Up:
Bill Ratner for his essay “The Archiving of an I Love Lucy Bit-Part Player”

Claire Noble “State-Sponsored Sex”
Katie McMurran and Heidi Darchuk “Arrowhead Lake”
Kathleen G. White “About the Weather”
Ken Cormier “A Day in the Life of a Conversationalist”

Self-Recorded Documentary
WINNER: Ken Cormier for “Voices of the Dead”

First Runner-Up:
Amy Schleunes “The Body Instrument”

Molly Bennett “Chuck Lakin, Woodworker”
Mark Munger “Food For Thought”
Molly Graham “Besides Life Here”
Judith Sloan “Tongues Twisting”

Professionally-Recorded Documentary
WINNER: Anna Pinkert for “After the Flood”

First Runner-Up:
Lulu Miller “Falling in Love”

Stay tuned later month for the publication of the four winning entries on our website. I promise you won’t want to miss it—listening to their work is a real treat! Also for your listening pleasure, we’re excited to be releasing our finalists’ entries online in the coming months, so please check back.

Claire McQuerry is the contest editor at The Missouri Review.